Friday, March 27, 2009

Twitter Not

From a personal standpoint, I am amongst the dwindling numbers who are not into Twitter. Unless you are absolutely hysterical and all of your friends think so, why would they want to hear your every thought and action? I know the millions of Twitter users are proving me wrong on this, but I just don't get it.

From an entertainment standpoint, there are definitely some people worth following for an IV drip of amusement throughout the day. Christopher Walken, Russel Brand, and Rainn Wilson are insane and thus hysterical.

While some just post their stream of semi-consciousness, some famous Twitterers have taken it to a whole new level. Shaq has infamously Twittered his current location and plans for the day, encouraging his followers to come up and say hi or touch him. Sometimes he even gives them prizes. He is a priceless gem, and a national treasure.

This interview tells all about the woman who started the Shaq Twitter storm. A media consultant to the sports industry, Kathleen Hessert works with Shaq, Notre Dame, my own alma mater and other teams and athletes so they know how to deal with the media and fans so this doesn't happen. She shows them how to use social networking and other tools to help their image, ticket sales, and life after sports. The interview is worth the quick read, and helps explain why sports teams and other businesses should be Tweeting it up. She even mentions why she wouldn't touch A-Rod with a ten-foot pole, as a client, of course.

I'll confess that as of this week I've started using Twitter for our business, posting new designs, updates to our shops, good PR, etc. I'm hoping to post on a more regular schedule, and to keep it interesting. I wouldn't want to bore you.

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