Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've been extremely remiss in my bean blogging lately. Now, some people hate when bloggers apologize for such neglect of their duties. Others, like my husband, hate when the blogs they like to read are neglected. I don't have enough readers to bug a significant number of people with either of these options, but I thought I'd explain myself anyway.

I've been working on a new business endeavor, AnaStella. My sister is a graphic designer who specializes in invitations and stationery. As with most designers, she despises dealing with the sticky business end of things. This is where I come in. I live for Excel spreadsheets, don't mind filing out tax forms, and actually enjoy wading through the endless uploads and downloads to get a website, blog, online shops, social networks, and all other technological junk up and running for public consumption.

Together, we are AnaStella, Invitations with Style and Spark! The name came from our two grandmothers' names, and the slogan came from my head. We design custom invitations and stationery for all kinds of events, especially weddings. You can see us on Etsy, 1000 Markets, Twitter, Facebook,, and our blog. Pick your poison!

Hopefully if I get some things sorted out, I can get back to posting regularly on this site. Either way I'll keep you posted.

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brooke said...

goodness, i need someone in my life who lives for excel sheets. (by the way, my word verification to comment is: exele.)