Friday, February 6, 2009

Memorable Memorials

Listening to the 80's station on cable at work, we heard the song Rock Me Amadeus by Falco. This lead to the inevitable "Whatever happened to Falco?" question that has been fodder for so many VH1 specials. I'm guessing that these VH1 specials are the source of my knowledge that Falco had died in a car accident. Upon searching the all-knowing Wikipedia to find out when he died, we found out that today was the anniversary of his death! While this is a strange coincidence, the stranger thing is HIS GRAVE SITE, pictured above. A giant glass wall etched with his image in a giant cape, surrounded by the names of his popular songs, next to a giant granite obelisk with his name carved into it, and another stone with his real name on it! Absolutely insane. Apparently, it was created by this German monument company whose website explains the purpose of the three-part memorial.

I'm pretty sure the "I'm an arrogant bastard" grave site award goes to maybe-senator from Illinois Roland Burris. While the Senate said they wouldn't allow him in because he was appointed by Rod Blagojevich, it's clearly because they saw this and knew he was a total wingnut.

At least these celebrities have a more humble (and comical) view of their lives, and afterlives. On a recent trip to L.A., my sister visited the cemetery o' the stars where many of these graves are and took pictures of these gems below. They may not be celebrities, but it seems like they had a good time.

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