Monday, February 9, 2009

Dr. Strangemap

Via Designboom's blog, I found an awesome blog about strange maps. It's called "Strange Maps," and, like the Shitty Beetles, it's not just a clever name. Judging by his 10 million plus hits, I'm not the only map nerd out there, which makes me feel slightly better. Strange Maps features maps that display some statistical information by geographical area, or have some creative spin, or are just plain odd. I could spend all day reading this site. Oh wait, I just did.

One of the more interesting, if not useful, maps plots the frequency of hairdressers in Germany with salons named after three different hair-related puns. This could get very confusing, resulting in lots of missed appointments and ill-coiffed Germans.

Strange as rampant German hair puns may be, I feel that this map takes the "strange cake" and runs with it. It maps the availability of cole slaw as a hot dog topping in the counties of West Virginia. Apparently it's a big deal down there.

While Martha likes to decorate with maps, these plates might be a bit too kitschy for her. I think it would be fun to have an EU themed party with the foods of Europe displayed on their respective plates. Sadly, England and Italy are sold out.

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