Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Maligned Secrets of the DABA Sisterhood

The last couple of days have found the NYC news and blog worlds abuzz about these girls, girlfriends of men in finance who are dealing with the fallout of a tumbling Wall Street. Their blog is meant to provide support to the women whose significant others are stressed about the security of their finance-industry jobs.

Oh yeah, it sounds all warm and fuzzy and "let's stand together and comfort each other in this hard time." Yet it quickly becomes apparent when reading their posts that these women are not feeling the economic pinch in the same way as other Americans. While millions are trying to figure out how to pay their rent or feed their kids, these soulless wenches are bemoaning the decreased frequency of spa facials and $400 dinners. They complain about being stuck with men who they think are pathetic shells of what they once were. I swear, as you read the blog, your stomach turning further with every line, you can actually hear their high-pitched whining clawing its way out of the computer. I believe the highlight of the site is when multiple women, some married, exclaim, "this is not what I signed on for!" Um, no, you signed on "for better or for worse." Did you ask your husband if he signed on for a gold digger who would find him repulsive without his billion-dollar bonus?

I would suggest that someone should take these girls to Darfur or a Mumbai slum for a weekend getaway to give them a little perspective, but that would imply that they actually had a conscience or a shred of self-awareness, and would be able to comprehend why they should perhaps keep their sob stories to themselves. That being said, blog on ladies, and stay strong in these trying times!

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