Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pour Some Out: Domino Mag. Boo.

Today sucks for so many reasons, besides wading through cold sludge to get to work.

I won't get into the work issues. There isn't enough room on the internet.

The news came at me from dozens of sources today that, after months of rumors, my beloved Domino magazine is closing, effectively ruining my day and I'm sure a few days to come. I'm still mourning the loss of House & Garden, so this was too much to take. Domino was the one design magazine that, every now and then, included something that I could afford, and interiors I could actually see myself in. I couldn't wait to get to the mailbox to devour the yummy eye candy on its pages. I know this sounds crazy to non-design-obsessed people, but I'm sure my designer pals will sympathize. I'm proposing that we all cut out of work early to go sit shiva at a bar somewhere. Are you allowed to drink while sitting shiva?

If it weren't so cold I would storm over to Conde Nast and give them a piece of my mind. This reminds me of when they cancelled The Muppet Show, and I was very upset, and my dad said he would write them a letter for me. It never really worked out. Thank god for DVDs.

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