Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Connect With Your Frenemies

A few months ago I was showing my aunt pictures of my cousin's baby on Facebook on my phone. Being about 70 years old, she was not really in the Facebook loop. She asked me what it was, and I attempted to explain social networks, the internet, and computers in general, starting somewhere around the ENIAC. Not too impressed by the concept of Facebook, she replied, "Hmm, do they have Assbook? Call me when they have Assbook." I have no idea what she meant, or thought she meant by that, but apparently she was on to something.

Arsebook, which I found through one of my favorites, Anyways, appears to be only a fake take on the addictive social network du jour, but I kind of wish it was real. Currently, I have no convenient way to "upload blackmail material" or "join a hate-clan" and I think this could be the answer I've been searching for. God bless technology.

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