Friday, January 23, 2009

Posh Squat

Right now, in a part of London akin to New York's Park Avenue, about forty squatters, mostly artists and students, have moved into two abandoned mansions, each worth about 15 million pounds. They say that it's all very civilized, and not at all a crack house. The funny thing is that they are totally within the law unless they start trashing the place.

While the locals seem to have mixed feelings about the squatters (this article makes no bones about their disapproval), I'm sure that if this happened in New York, the neighbors would head over to Gracious Home to buy jewel-encrusted pitchforks and mahogany torches before heading over to drive them out.

It reminds me of punk houses, although I don't think any of those were ever located in multi-million dollar mansions.

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