Thursday, January 8, 2009

Design Disdain

Today I intended to post about some items related to the photo contest I wrote about yesterday, but this just set me off a bit, and I'm changing course. I'll try to cover the capsized ships tomorrow, I say as if there is someone anxiously awaiting my every word.

I have been reading Apartment Therapy for a few years now, and while I do like their house tours and some of their postings, I often find myself feeling like they are just another bunch of pretentious design snobs who love to make proclamations about what is or isn't cool. So I was intrigued today to see that others felt the same, at least about their What's In, What's Out: Predictions for 2009 post. They got a flood of angry comments decrying their idea that something you loved in 2008 is suddenly soooooo out for 2009. While I agree that it's only someone's opinion, they are not the only site that does this, and it's just kind of lame. The worst part is that they (after constantly praising blindly anything mid-century modern, and featuring any home with a Nelson pendant lamp) deem "Obvious mid-century modern" decor to be out, but then list Saarinen tables and "Mad Men interiors" to be in, a total contradiction that makes them look fairly flighty. Their main criteria for something being "out" seems to be that it is popular, yet they are one of the major forces that constantly bombards readers with these trendy items, thus increasing their popularity. By their logic, they should consider the ubiquitous Saarinen table to be out.

In addition, they claim that Eddie Ross is in. The Martha Stewart hot shot, who did fairly well on the second season of Top Design, has generally good taste, but many of his designs tend to look like a Golden Girls stage set. But the worst part is his attitude. While he can style a table like nobody's business, he's so incredibly pompous that I can't stand to listen to him. It's one thing to be aware of ones own skill and ability, but to constantly blabber on about how you are so superior to everyone else and you couldn't possibly need to learn anything is just irritating. His audition video gives a glimpse of his arrogance, which I'm sure enticed the Top Design casting folks to pick him for the drama factor. He should learn that it's still possible to showcase your talent without denigrating others as he did so often on the show. After hearing so many people praise him, I thought I was crazy, but a lot of these people seem mostly to agree with me, and some of them even claim to know him! I wonder if Martha is proud of him or thinks he's an ass.

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Design Junkie said...

Finally, somebody else who thinks he's an ass. I've been kind of amazed all the blog love he's been getting. He does have some good ideas, but in general I find his taste is kind of dated and granny-like. And as far as haunting tag sales and flea markets and painting furniture, Martha was doing that when he was in diapers...I don't understand what's so new about it. And finally, while I know reality tv does do bitch edits, no one forced him to flip off the judges and use the phrase "they can't sit and spin." He recently left martha's employ. I wonder what the real story is.