Saturday, October 11, 2008

The severe beating of a traffic cone

Oh, the pressure of the first post. Should it be comical, intellectual, political, insightful, meaningful? How about uselessly observational? Out my window, I just saw a giant bulldog take down a traffic cone. He stared at it in a very, "You talkin' to me?" sort of way, then lunged at it and then bit it and thrashed about with it in his teeth for a minute before his owner had to forcibly remove him from the cone and drag him off, as the dog looked back at the cone as if to say, "Yeah, what? You got schooled!" I'm just glad someone finally had the nerve to show those uppity traffic cones who's boss. I wish I had a video camera because it was certainly a YouTube hit in the making, but I'm sure that would be a violation of the dog's rights. Another observation: Someone in my immediate vicinity is cooking some delicious stuffing or something, and it's making me hungry. Anyway, I'm off to a bar to watch football and enjoy this beautiful day. Hopefully these posts will get more interesting, or at least somewhat frequent.

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