Thursday, January 15, 2009

People, Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend

My husband and I have recently become obsessed with Dogtown, a new show on National Geographic, or "Nat Geo" as he jokingly calls it. It profiles Best Friends Animal Society, an amazing place that takes in hundreds of abandoned animals of all kinds. The show focuses exclusively on the dogs at Best Friends, most of which were taken from shelters who could not rehabilitate them. They handle the worst cases that are thought to be beyond saving, most notably the fighting dogs taken from Michael Vick. Most of these dogs would be euthanized if not for the saviors at Best Friends. These people dedicate their lives to helping these dogs, and their skills will have you in awe.

Ok, enough gushing about Best Friends, and let's get down to business. If you click here and download this new Neko Case song, Neko herself, and ANTI- will donate $5 to Best Friends.

And seriously, start watching Dogtown! If you are a dog person, it's totally addictive. Almost every episode brings me to tears, and has me ready to hand them my paycheck every week. I also end up begging my husband to let me adopt all of the dogs on the show, to which he always replies "yes" despite the obvious flaws in that plan.

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